Tournament Schedule

Please note, the schedule is subject to change, but will be updated regularly.

TimeAudi CourtMRU Court
9:00 AMRocksteady (5) Pythons (4)Metro Boomin'(4)Mighty Ducks (5)
10:10 AMLarge Farvas (4)Weekend Warriors (2)Mofos (10)Snipers (2)
10:50 AMRocksteady (1)Sriracha (0)Metro Boomin' (W)Nazem's Cousins (L)
11:30 AMHoney Nut Chelios (1)Weekend Warriors (1)Riff Raffs (5)Metro Boomin' (1)
12:10 PMPythons (2)Sriracha (8)Mighty Ducks (W)Nazem's Cousins (L)
12:50 PMHoney Nut Chelios (6)Large Farvas (6)Riff Raffs (9)Mofos(2)
1:00 PMBreak
2:00 PMHoney Nut Chelios (3rd)Pythons (6th)Weekend Warriors (4th)Sriracha (5th)
3:15 PMLarge Farvas (1st)Lowest AdvancingN/A
4:15 PMRocksteady (2nd)Highest AdvancingRec FinalsRec Finals
5:15 PMCo-ed FinalsRec Finals

TimeSun CourtWBHL Court
9:00 AMSriracha (1)Honey Nut Chelios (5)Nazem's Cousins(L)Riff Raffs(W)
10:10 AMThe Dusters (10)Panthers (2)Dream Crushers (4)Wolverines (0)
10:50 AMPythons (1)Large Farvas (7)Mighty Ducks (7)Mofos (0)
11:30 AMThe DustersDream CrushersPanthersWolverines
12:10 PMRocksteady (0)Weekend Warriors (2) N/AN/A
12:50 PMThe DustersWolverinesPanthersDream Crushers
1:00 PMBreak
2:15 PMRiff Raffs (1st)Mofos (4th)Kids PlayoffsKids Playoffs
3:15 PMMetro Boomin'Mighty DucksN/AN/A
4:00 PMOpen CourtN/AN/A
5:00 PMOpen CourtOpen Court