What is Encore 4-on-4?

A new street hockey tournament in Calgary, AB.

Who is it run by?

Western Ball Hockey League

Where is it?


When is it?

Next date to be announced!

How many players can be on each team?

All teams must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 9 players, including a goalie.

How many players can be out at once?

Each team can have three runners and one goalie out at once - a total of four players on at a time.

What are the divisions?

How many games will my team get to play?

All teams are guaranteed 3 games plus a minimum 1 playoff game. Single-elimination playoff games.

Will there be refs?

Yes, there will be refs for each game.

How much does it cost?

Early Bird: $45 per player (ends August 15)
Tier 1: $55 per player (ends September 1)
Tier 2: $60 per player (ends September 21)

How can I register?

Just click here! 


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